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Club Nights are Mondays and Wednesdays, 6.30pm.

Winter Training on Wednesdays - meet at the club as usual - all explained on the night. 

AGM Monday 4th December @7.30pm

Club run for this night only will be at 6pm.

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06/12/2023 Doncaster Rd area-Waltham St, Brinkman St, Gold St Hill reps- 3 hills 2 long ,1 short 7-10 reps split between the 3 hills
13/12/2023 Broadway Area (Old Loop) Speed work- 0n old loop .47mls 6-8 reps 1 minute rest
20/12/2023 Oakwell Area
Bala St, Windermere Rd & Belgrave Rd
Hills Reps- 3 different hills  working hard on the uphill , jog recovery on downhill 7-9 reps 
27/12/2023 Town Centre- Mayday Green Speed work-Parlauf  in pairs (jog recovery) 20 minutes







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