As a fully paid-up Barnsley Harrier, the club is now pleased to confirm that you're entitled to receive a 10% discount on orders and free UK standard shipping (usually around £5) from the extensive range of running shoes and accessories available at

To claim your discount, all you need to dok is request the club's discount code, either in person, via the website enquiry form here or on facebook, and we will send you it by return in a private message. It is a club-specific code, and so only our members are entitled to use it. If the code is found to be getting abused or published in a public forum, we'll lose it, so please bear this in mind.

The code changes monthly for security purposes too, so please ask for it every time you need to use it.

That's it - easy. Thanks - and happy shopping :-)

SY Road Leagues 2017

Attention BaHas! Very important road-related notice (apologies, it's quite a long 'un)...

The South Yorkshire Road League series of four 5-mile races will be returning in 2017! Steel City Striders have taken on Keith's role in this area to keep the series going, which is great news all round. Venues are still to be finalised but the race dates are 29th March, 12th April, 26th April and 10th May. More details here:

This leads on to two important requests:

Read more: SY Road Leagues 2017

Club Comps 2017

Now the B&T and League Club competitions are over for 2016, it is time for you to start planning your tactics for 2017

The tables below state which races are in all the club competitions, as announced at the AGM. (race dates correct at time of publication)

Read more: Club Comps 2017


Roundwood Health Clinic Ltd continue to offer all members of Barnsley Harriers a 20% discount on Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Sports Massage and Chiropody/Podiatry, but not to include products or insoles.Discount will be given to Barnsley Harriers if their name appears on the membership list (names only) supplied by BH. Roundwood have many dedicated Physiotherapists,  many with an interest/specialty in Sports medicine..

Club Vests and Kit

An update on Club colours. The rules currently state Club vest but we are extending this to include the 'official' short sleeve AND the long sleeve T shirts, available from the club. All three are now acceptable to wear when representing the Club or in races included in all our competitions. (This still does not apply to our closed races i.e. Club Mile and Club Cross Country.) We will still apply some tolerance and understanding towards new members. However the training jacket is not allowed as outerwear in a Club race. Other tops, of any type, must be worn under the official Harriers tops. Additionally, most races now ban the wearing of earphones or headphones for safety reasons. We as a Club support this and are applying a rule that no Harrier should run in them whilst wearing club kit and/or representing the club. For insurance and communication reasons, we are also applying this ruling to club nights. This has been agreed by the Management team and comes in immediately and is a proposed change to the Constitution for the AGM.  

New Pace Groups

New Pace Groups

Group A – Richard Spooner - 7 - 7.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group B – Jerry Fisher - 8 - 8.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group C – Jo Bissell - 9 - 9.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group D – Rachel & Julie Nothard - 10 - 10.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group E – Sue Taylor - 11 - 11.5 Minute Mile Pace

You'll see we've changed the groups for Club Nights.

However this can't be an exact science for lots of reasons with races, work and other stuff meaning 'leaders' aren't always there. But it is a framework we'd like you to try and work with.

Please remember a few things though. First we are the friendly running club and no one gets left behind. And also remember it's Club Night -the clue is in the name - so work with the groups that are available & add on or loop back if you need more. There are other nights for other serious sessions if you're training for something. Also, be patient in the corridor, it's not easy for people to manage and try to get in the correct group for your own and other people's benefit.

Lastly, enjoy your running and get as much as you can from BaHa club nights.



Ian Meade - Chairman

BaHas are LIVE on Twitter!

Hi BaHas
With Jerry Fisher's agreement I have began to edit/update/use the BaHa's Twitter page... (Leigh Allsopp)

Our Twitter name is @BarnsleyHarrier

Please could we create a HashTag of ‪#‎TeamBaHa‬

Please can anyone who also has a Twitter account follow the page!...

 I hope to use the page to help advertise/promote the Harriers, share detail from the website/Facebook page, share race pictures/reviews, and all the other typical uses of Twitter!

 Hope to see you on Twitter soon

New Kit Prices- Vests & technical shirts

After a few years our supplier has slightly increased the prices now for vests &  technical shirts. All increased by 50p See Club Kit Page for details. - RoystonRacer

This Week

See Diary page for more info.


Latest News

Next Walk to Run Programme begins Monday 12th March through to Wednesday 2nd May - every Monday and Wednesday at 5.30pm. Meet up behind the main Clubhouse at Shaw Lane Sports Barnsley S70 6HZ by the
Rugby fields. All standards welcome, but our aim is to get you from couch to a continuous 5K/ 3mile run in the
eight weeks of the programme. Register via here by email or on the Run Together website. It’s £5 for the
8 weeks, which is refundable if you go on to join the Club. Any questions - just ask!